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Get2world Systems provides high quality time attendance system, time attendance machines,fingerprint access control systems in India.We are collaborating with German company(günstige Zeiterfassungssysteme) to deliver high quality product into Indian market and customizing it according to Indian needs. Our main focus is providing high end intelligent systems and developing creative technological products.Our vision is to make hi-end technologies afforable to all Indians.

Our small team of highly skilled developers and support team are constantly in touch with the clients to understand the requirement of the customer. We always try to provide our best in order to develop product according to the customer needs.

die Idee

Time Attendance and Access Control- future of the optimizing your workforce

Employees are the key to the success of the company. If you need to use the skills and resources of the employee optimally, you need to manage their time that they are spending at work. Our Intelligent Biometric & RFID card based Time Attendance and access control System will take care of the entire attendance of your employee which will help you manage the complete attendance of your employee. With our system you do not need to do any paper work. Everything can be achieved with just few mouse clicks.

Our Attendance System can used any where attendance is required like in any offices, schools,any small businesses,shops,medical institutions,NGOs,outdoor construction sites etc.

Technical specifications

  • Modern capacitive finger print sensor

  • 3000 finger print capacity

  • Record capacity - 1 Lakhs

  • Modern touch screen colour display

  • Ethernet and Wifi connection for in-house internet

  • USB internet dongle for mobile internet

  • 5V Micro USB power supply

  • Device dimension : 19cm x 5cm x 3.5cm

  • Input current : 400mA-600mA

  • Input voltage : 5 Volt

  • Operating range: from -30°c to 40°c

  • Easy wall mounting

  • Housing standard - IP 21

Modern Features

Complete Web-based solution either local or cloud based data storage

The entire management of our time attendance system is fully web based. Employee data can be stored either locally inside the device for upto 500 employees. We have three panels to manage all the employee data, superuser,approver and employee.

For more than 500 employees, we offer a complete cloud based solution where all employee data are stored in one of our modern cloud data centers in europe with following features :

  • 14 GB RAM
  • 1000 GB Hard drive with SSD boost technology
  • 100 MB/bit upload and down speed with unlimited traffic
  • Zero downtime

Complete automatized holiday approval

With our system an employee can apply for holiday online using the employee panel and send for approval. Approver get the information automatically and approve the holiday from his panel.

Record employee time based on orders or jobs.

If your employees have not fixed salary and you pay them based on the job they do, our system will help you to pay exactly how much you need to pay to your employee. In our system, employee can record their time based on work they do per day or per week.

Comprehensive reports

Our system generates comprehensive employee attendance reports which you can export as .csv file or save as pdf for later use.

Sick leave management

Our time attendance system can also save the sick leave details of the employee. When an employee inform about his/her sick leave to his approver, the approver can insert it to your system for future use.

Automatized time correction

It can happen that an employee forgets to punch out when he leaves the work or he was on a business trip. Our system automatically detects that missing entry. When employee logs in into his panel he/she will see all the missing entries and needs to make the time correction and send it to the approver. The approver will be informed automatically and approve the time correction from his panel.

Reason to use our Attendance System

No software license fee required.

Our system is completely web based. You do not need to pay any software license fee. You can access the web interface from any device like PC, smartphone,iPhone, IPAD or Tablet.

Web interface is accessible through Wifi or USB internet dongle

Beside connecting the web interface with your Ethernet network, our system has the option to communicate through either Wifi or USB internet dongle in order to connect the device with our web interface.

Plug-And-Play installation

Our Time Attendance System has been designed in such a way that you don't need to assemble any component at the time of installation. It's all plug and play.

Easy wall mounting

You need to only couple of screws to mount the device on the wall. If the device needs to be moved to any other location, you can easily take it remove it from the wall and put it in a different place.

Dedicated Service & Support

We will provide dedicated customer service & support throughout the life cycle of the product. First we will try to help you to solve the issue remotely. If we can't solve it remotely, you need to send the device to us (we will bear the postal cost). We will repair it and send it back to you as soon as possible.

Advantages of our Time Attendance System

Mobile use

Our Time Attendance System can also be used outside office premises like in any construction sites. We provide additional battery module which will keep the system running for approximately eight hours. If you use the local data storage options, you don't need any additional components as all the data will be saved in the device locally. If you save the data in a cloud, you will need an additional USB internet dongle which will be supplied by us to transfer the data from the device to the cloud server.

Step by step guide

We have created step by step video tutorial for you so that you will understand how to use the system after you have receive the system from us.

How to use the Time Attendance Device

Spend less money & enjoy all the features

    Proximity Card Basic

    Upto 500 employees

  • Local data storage on device
  • Complete step by step video CD
  • Email, phone, remote & local support
  • Complete training available upon request
  • One year service guarantee
  • Request personalized offer
    Biometric Basic

    Upto 500 employees

  • Local data storage on device
  • Complete step by step video CD
  • Email, phone, remote & local support
  • Complete training available upon request
  • One year service guarantee
  • Request personalized offer

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